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This page was last updated: February 3, 2010
The Boys
The Girls
Boy - Black Ribbon - Has a new home in Florence, AZ
Boy - Blue Plaid Ribbon
This little guy has a
Great new family
In Layton, UT
Girl - Brown Ribbon with Pink Dots
This Gorgeous Girl
Has A Great new Family in Alpine, Utah
Girl - Pink Plaid Ribbon
White Ribbon
with flowers

Pink Ribbon with White Dots
Girl - Lavender Ribbon with Dots
Sold to a Loving family in Stansbury Park, Utah
The Cute little puppy starring
in this video is our
girl with white ribbon with flowers

This happy little girl has gone to play with her new family in Riverton, Utah
This Beauty has gone to a new home in Timberlakes, Utah
Girl - White Ribbon with Pink Hearts
This sweet little girl has a new home in Layton, Utah
Girl - Pink Ribbon
This sweet little girl has a new home in Riverton Utah
Boy - Brown Ribbon
This fun little guy has a gone to live in Spanish Fork, Utah
This playful little girl has a new home in Clearfield, Utah
Kirk & Dazi

Litter #1